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Information Management

We help our clients create, manage, search, archive, and retrieve information regardless of its form.


Project Management

Good Project Management influences more than an individual project, it affects the overall health of the entire company's project portfolio and the ability to advance the strategic objective.


We work with you to help you meet your goals


We take exceptional pride in our deliverables.


We put our reputation on the line to meet the needs and expectations of our clients

What Do We Do?

We’ve helped a wide range of government entities and commercial organizations over the years. We know that we can deliver a personalized solutions that work for your organization and help you meet you mission.

Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM)

Project Management

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Information Management

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Who Do We Work With?

Federal Government

Our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction is demonstrated by our service to the federal government.

Local Government

Our government expertise enables us to deliver industry-leading services, methods, and tools.


We take pride in delivering exceptional quality performance in close collaboration with our customers and business partners.

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Customers hire us to solve thier problems and achieve positive results!

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Our Service Offerings

Installation and Support

You've design it, you've built it, now let us help you test it, install it and support it.

Project Management Tailored for Your Situation

Project Management is one of our core specialties. We understand that a project is there to ultimately provide value for your organization, therefore, we apply a integrated approach. While a project must be tightly executed to be on time and on budget, we work with your entire  team to also uncover the overall organizational value of the project, and then weave that into our entire PM approach to ensure the right decisions are made regarding expectations, and leadership support. 

Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM) & Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP)

IETMs are redefining the way that we learn. With new technologies creating waves in learning and development, IETMs and IETPs are becoming increasingly popular over the traditional paper-based technical manuals. IETMs serve as an interface to large amounts of technical information that can be custom designed to reach a wide audience.
We provide assistance with IETM and IETP for organizations across multiple industry sectors including electronics, manufacturing, government and military. Our technical manuals offer instructional learning and enable the sharing of critical technical information in an effective and efficient way.

Knowledge management comes in many different forms.

Knowledge management helps organizations share, access, and update business knowledge and information by providing the means to analyze, monitor, and share data, information, and knowledge.

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To design a system is one thing, and to assemble it is another.

When your internal technical expertise is stretched, we are the answer when you want to figure out how to get everything to work. 
Together we’ll enable your system to perform smoothly and deliver the experience you want for your customers.

Tired of all the inefficiency inherent in the filing and storage of your paper documents?

Everyone knows the world is evolving from physical to digital records. The question of course is, which documents should you convert and what is the most cost-effective and efficient route?
It is the mission of Melken Solutions to deliver the utmost professional document scanning and conversion services to each of our many federal, state, and commercial clients.

We strive to be the best in our field regardless of the pedigree, tenure or inclinations of our competitors. It is also our goal to be the finest service of its kind in the eyes of our valued customers as judged not only by the quality of our service, but also by understanding, friendship, integrity and value.

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